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Alt Realism

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After years of painting in a near photorealistic style, I wanted to loosen up some and have a little fun. This series still uses traditional methods to depict unconventional subjects, but in a much more spontaneous and painterly style.


Working in oils on a toned canvas, I try to do the underpainting and the glazing in a single session each in order to avoid overworking the painting and keep it looking fresh.

Gallery 4
Green Dog in Chair Orange Dog in Chair Blue Dog in Chair Duck in a Boat
EggplantHead PearHead Orange Frog Fireman
Bear in a Basket Cow in a Basket Dog in a Basket Bear in a Basket
Tomato Bunny Eggplant Bunny Parasol Cat Parasol Cat
Bikini Pig Boy in Pink Boy in Red Girl in Orange
Gnomes Girl in Pink Rooster Drummer Rooster Guitarist
Banjo Dog Saxophone Dog

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