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Prices and availability subject to change at any time. Do not send any money before first contacting the artist at Prices do not include shipping and may or may not include a frame. All sales are final. Maryland residents subject to a 6% sales tax. All payments are currently handled through PayPal.
Snapshots and Sharpeners
The paintings in this series are priced based on size as follows:
  • 6x6 - $340
  • 6x8 - $380
  • 8x8 - $460
  • 8x10 - $540
  • 10x10 - $660
  • 9x12 - $700
  • 12x12 - $880
  • 11x14 - $880
Pencil Sharpener paintings
Most of the other pencil sharpener paintings are priced based on size as follows:
  • 5x7 - $280
  • 6x8 - $340
  • 8x8 - $420
  • 8x10 - $500
  • 9x12 - $580
  • 11x14 - $750
  • 10x16 - $780
  • A Fast Rooster - $860
  • Sur la Route - $920
  • Puntgaaf, The Comedians, The Feast of the Dogs, Daisy in the Doggies Den - $1200
  • Cowboy Bear 1 & 2- $500 each
  • Pop-art Figures - $500 each
  • Shell Owl - $600
  • Ragtime Band - $510
  • Coach and the Cowry Fisherman - $510
  • Pencil Sharpener: Dolphin - $320
  • Pencil Sharpener: Elephant - $320
When purchasing companion pieces (such as the individual rooster musicians, pop-art figures or ducks in boats), there is a 15% discount on each painting after the first one.
Drawn Paintings
The prices on these drawings range from $60 to $240 depending on the size and complexity. Please ask for the price on any specific drawing. These prices do not include mat and frame.

Although I'm open to any requests, my commission work consists mostly of still life paintings similar to my pencil sharpener paintings and portrait drawings done from photographs (working in a style much like my drawn paintings). In order to do a still life painting, I must be able to work from the actual object, but the backgrounds may be provided by photographs (as in the Snapshots and Sharpeners series). If you're looking for ideas for a subject, you can see my full collection of pencil sharpeners here. Prices are comparable to those of the non-commission works listed above.

On a commission, I'll work with you to generate ideas and provide time and price estimates for those ideas. Once you've accepted an idea, you must provide a non-refundable deposit (usually 20% of the total price) to get the work started. You'll be provided a low-res image of the final work, at which time minor changes may be requested. The work is shipped when the remainder of the price is paid. Return policies vary by project, but will be specified before the deposit is requested. All payments are currently handled through PayPal.

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