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My personal collection of pencil sharpeners and other toys are the inspiration for this series of paintings. Using traditional realistic technique to paint "portraits" of these playful figures, I relish the opportunity to create beautiful works of art combining serious craftsmanship with amusing irony. By treating inexpensive toys with an exaggerated reverence, the paintings themselves become the precious objects worthy of the reverence given to the original subjects. I know I've created a successful painting when these odd little artifacts of consumer society stare back with their own unique personalities and inner lives, boldly confronting the viewer with the absurdity of their own existence.

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A Fast Rooster

A Fast Rooster

Inspired by the popular Winslow Homer painting on display at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

Rocking Horses

Rocking Horse Girl

Rocking Horse Boy

Of all my pencil sharpener paintings, I think these most clearly show the influence of the Index of American Design.

Ducks in Boats

Ducks in Boats

Why do ducks need boats? No explanation. No point in looking for one either. It's all part of a cosmic unconsciousness.

Gallery 1
Gourdheads Coal Country Mini Golf Daisy in the Doggie's Den The Feast of the Dogs
Collection 2 POB Thrift Shop Mount Rushmore Santa and His Monkey
Collection Three Bottle Openers Clowns on Pigs Pleasure Beach
Pop Art Panda Two Clowns Ragtime Band A Fast Rooster
Vaudeville Pugs 2 Cats, 2 Clowns and a Frog All Cat Band The Comedians
Porpoise with Hat 1 Porpoise with Hat 2 Toddler 1 Toddler 2
Rooster Musician 4 Cat and Turtle 1 Cat and Turtle 2
All Rooster Band Three Santas Parasol Cat 1 Parasol Cat 2
Duck in Boat 1 Duck in Boat 2 Duck in Boat 3 Banana
Rocking Horse Girl Rocking Horse Boy Party Animals The Bald Musician
Dinosaur Pencil Sharpener Puntgaaf Fish Sharpener Odalisque
Puppydog Cowboy Bears Rich Frog Cat The Clown
Purple Gorilla Monkey King Shark Priest
Tomato Bunny Carrot Bunny Clown Three Penguins
Ducks in Boats Orange Frog Speedboat Rooster Pigs Night Out
Big Fish Sur la Route Flamingo and Friends Salt and Pep
Old Times Sake Hatteras Swing Time

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