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Miniature Paintings

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I was visiting a local annual miniatures show when I realized that the techniques I'd worked out in my Flowers and Figurines series could not only be scaled up to create larger paintings but could also be scaled down to create miniatures. I quickly learned that the tight control needed for the figurines gave me no pleasure in painting them as miniatures, but the more loosely done flower paintings were something I enjoyed and could look forward to working on.

All of these paintings are done as either 2x2 or 2x3 inches, except for the still life which is 3x3 inches. The smaller the painting, the more closely we look at it, and this leads us to expect more detail than we might have demanded in a larger painting of the same subject. Focusing intently on the miniature allows us to block out everything else around us and enjoy the fascination of seeing an entire world created in a tiny frame.

Detail from Rose II

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Rose I Graham Thomas Rose
Symphony Rose II Oso Easy Italian Ice
Three Roses Three Roses
Living Large

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