South Carolina
from Bob Cantor's National Parks Photo Gallery

Congaree National Park
Most visitors to the park will walk the 2.6-mile Boardwalk Loop through the floodplain forest and swamp.
Fort Sumter National Monument
Only a small part of the Island isn't covered by the Fort. It's worth taking a few minutes to walk around on it during your tour.
A cannon overlooks Charleston Harbor.
On the early tour you have a chance to take part in the daily Flag Raising.
Cannons inside the fort.
The Gateway Walk in historic Charleston is a pleasant 3-block stroll through some very scenic Churches and cemeteries including the Unitarian Church Cemetery and Circular Congregational Church seen here.    
Soldiers Field is in the scenic Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston.
Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is near Charleston and has miles of trails, year-round blooms and excellent bird-watching. From a mid-November visit we see Azaleas, a Great Blue Heron, a Great Egret, and the Conservatory.
Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge is one of the Southeast's premier sites for viewing the rapidly diminishing longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem. Easy hikes can be found on the Woodland Pond Trail and Tates Trail.

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