from Bob Cantor's National Parks Photo Gallery
Dominica, found between Martinique and Guadeloupe, is one of the least developed islands in the Caribbean (do not confuse it with the Dominican Republic). It's known for the nature-based tourism opportunities you can find here.

This photo of sunset over the caribbean was taken from the dock at the Anchorage Hotel in Rosseau.
At the southern tip of the island, Scotts Head is at the end of a narrow strip of land with the Atlantic on side and the Caribbean (seen here in the photo) on the other. This is a good area for snorkling.
I found this attractive image walking around in the capital city of Rosseau.   
It's a short walk to the overlooks of Trafalgar Falls. Scramble over the rocks to get to the base and you can sit in the hot sulfur springs or cool off in the large swimming hole.

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