from Bob Cantor's National Parks Photo Gallery
Maryland has no National Parks, but it does have a number of areas run by the National Park Service. See also Great Falls Park and Assateague Island National Seashore.

The Bayview-Butterfly trail at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge.
A thistle on the Bayview-Butterfly trail.
The scenic drive at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (this is actually in Delaware, on the Delaware Bay, but it's very close to Maryland).
Inside the fort at Fort Washington Park. On the Potomac River just south of Washington, this is run by the National Park Service.
Fifi the Homecoming Queen at the annual Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore.
This lion guards the Baltimore Museum of Art.
An Osprey delivers dinner at Patuxent River Park. The park naturalist let us get up close and personal with the Osprey chicks.  
These pictures from my garden included a Painted Lady butterfly on Zinnias, a Monarch Butterfly (which my wife and I raised from an egg), a Tiger Swallowtail on Brazilian Verbena, an American Goldfinch, and a Sweat Bee gathering pollen on a Purple Coneflower.
A Variegated Fritillary at the local storm water management ponds.
The following pictures are all from the storm water management ponds across the street. There is a Great Blue Heron, a Great Blue Heron in flight, a Black-crowned Night Heron, and a a Black Vulture.
New Year's Day view from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain.
Tulips, a Rose and a Peony at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton Regional Park, and Walking Irises and Orchids in the Conservatory.
Flights of Fancy at Brookside Gardens is a butterfly room open for about half the year. Here we have a Blue Morpho open and closed, an Emerald Swallowtail, and a close-up of a Blue Clipper.

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